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Manhattan Island For $24 - Was It A Good Deal?

 "Actually, at the time, everyone felt it was fair. But there's also the danger of either overpricing or underpricing a property.  That's why the top notch Broker arrives at a realistic price by doing a "CMA" What's a CMA - Top Brokers take the guesswork and wishful thinking out of arriving at an asking price by doing a Comparative Market Analysis--only by determining what homes of similar size and style, in a similar location, have recently sold for can they arrive at a realistic price.  And the science only begins there:  Today's most effective brokers have computerized offices, advertise heavily, and belong to many listing services to assure traffic and showings. These marketing activities, working together, often add up to the strong price and quick sale that let's you get on with your life. So why not make sure you get what's coming to you---and that, for sure, is a whole lot more than $24.     Call me -- let's get started.  I am ready.

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We have access to every Home throughout Columbia County, the Berkshires, and the Capital Region. This includes over 200 real estate offices and virtually every listing can be seen through us. From fabulous Vacation Homes to the cutest starter homes.

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