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If you are looking at homes with a Realtor, you have 2 choices - you can look at homes with an agent representing the seller, or you can look at homes with an agent representing you - the buyer..

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Key Questions a Seller Should Ask because a quick sale often depends on the listing agent you choose.
* Is the office fully computerized?
* Do they have a staff to assist them?
* Do they belong to numerous multiple listing services?
* And, most importantly, Do they have a proven track record for rapid sales?

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Why Winter May Be The Best Selling Season

Real Estate activity has remained strong right through the last Winter...and will almost certainly be strong this Winter, thanks to a strong economy and a greater awareness of the area. In addition, "Winter Buyers" have always been a special breed--they're not lookers or joy-riders, they are serious, motivated people out to buy. For these reasons, "waiting until Spring" to list your home--once good advice--is no longer recommended. It not only delays selling your home, it will cost you additional money each passing month.

If you have been thinking of selling, keep thinking that way. Call me. Le me see your home and let me show you my successes and you may be spending next Spring--in a new life."

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Stephanie Samuelsohn, Principal Broker Says ..."Unsure of yourself?"

As your personal agent, we can walk you through the entire process right into the home of your dreams.

We have access to every Home throughout Columbia County, the Berkshires, and the Capital Region. This includes over 200 real estate offices and virtually every listing can be seen through us. From fabulous Vacation Homes to the cutest starter homes.

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You can    Search the MLS   for properties then Call US and we will show you ANY property listed

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